Thaer Al-Hanafi

Coder, administrator, tech expert, security geek, seo analyst, Normal, very lazy and annoying person.

Welcome to my World.

Hello Bloggers World again.

This is the newest approach for me into this world.

I’ve written posts and blogs before but this time won’t be like the last attempts.

Here you can find my CV, Info About me and my blogs.

I Will publish some of my work also but this is not the object of this blog, so no bragging about what i do here.

it will be just an attempt to publish thoughts, ideas, reviews and some informational blogs.

I Will not be bragging about what i did or what i can do, because one of the things i hate most in this life is bragging and i don’t like you or anyone to treat me for what i did or can do, treat me for who i am and for my personality.

Will be edited also when i am done.

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